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Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza

I am first and foremost a mother, however this does not limit my time to be professional or prompt with any assignments awarded. College educated with a great personality, creative and passionate by nature as well as street smarts, common sense and a great ability to read people. The only guarantee I have to offer is the best quality of work, deadline driven to complete all tasks under the required timeframe and professionalism towards any and all clients as well as towards their requested assignments. I look forward to hearing from you soon, until then have a great day! Favorite quote: Live for today, live for the moment and hope for a better future.

Workbook View. PowerPoint - Sample View. Portfolio View. Verifications Facebook Connected —. Proofreading 1 Research Writing 1. Previous User Next User. Link Accounts. I am a new user I am a returning user. A gift of a book. One page after the next contains a fresh concept on how to be in the world. Feb 22, Drew rated it really liked it.

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I sit here, and I know where I am. This is very important. We tend to be alive in the future, not now. We say, 'Wait until I finish school and get my Ph. After the car, a house. We ar '"Dwelling in the present moment. We are not capable of being alive in the present moment. We tend to postpone being alive to the future, the distant future, we don't know when. Now is not the moment to be alive. We may never be alive at all in our entire life. Therefore, the technique, if we have to speak of a technique, is to be in the present moment, to be aware that we are here and now, and the only moment to be alive is the present moment.

There is pollution in our consciousness. Television, films, and newspapers are forms of pollution for us and our children. They sow seeds of violence and anxiety in us and pollute our consciousness, just as we destroy our environment by farming with chemicals, clear-cutting the trees, and polluting the water. We need to protect the ecology of the Earth and the ecology of the mind, or this kind of violence and recklessness will spill over into even more areas of life.

To practice meditation is to be in tough with both aspects. Please do not think we must be solemn in order to meditate. In fact, to meditate well, we have to smile a lot. If you are able to perceive that, you will get close to the Buddha or to Jesus. But if you try to analyze, try to find out the deep meaning of the words without realizing the kind of relationships between the one who spoke and those who listened, I think that you very easily miss not only the point but the man.

I think that theologians tend to forget that approach. Aug 17, Justin rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. When I was much younger, I used to go to Bible Study with my mother. Kids would be divided into groups by age and assigned an instructor. The instructor would then lecture us about the meaning of the assigned bible passages for an hour, before issuing next week's assigned reading and a few homework questions to complete. It didn't take much to pick out a pattern in all the readings we did. God is good. God is great.

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Opposing God never goes well for the people who do so. There were also a few lessons about morality mixed in, but the central theme was God first, Good second. Believing in Christ makes you a good person. Without Christ, being good doesn't mean anything. I don't remember the face of the bible study instructor who told me it, but I remember what it did to my worldview. It's been a great many years since then. I've read my fair share of Christian literature, from C. Lewis to Reinhold Niebuhr.

I've dabbled in philosophy, digging through the Greeks, the Romans, the Taoists, and a goodly number of the contemporary faves.

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Of them all, my favorites are those that promote Good before God or Buddha, or Philosophy, or any other thing. This book is an example of such a text. It touches on Buddhism, but it isn't about Buddhism.

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It's about being Good. And for that, I cannot help but love it. Jul 25, Rob rated it it was amazing. Interesting philosophy about "Mindfulness" in which the teacher preaches about enjoying the present for what it is. We spend so much time rushing around and forgetting about what it is we are doing now. He states that we shouldn't cook our food in order to complete the task and eat but to cook our food for the enjoyment of cooking. How often do we rush through our lives and treat each task as labor and rush to get to the end?

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. It's the journey not the destinatio Interesting philosophy about "Mindfulness" in which the teacher preaches about enjoying the present for what it is. It's the journey not the destination that we need to be more concerned with. Pretty basic stuff if you sit down and think about it but how often do we think about it? I know for me personally I can't wait to finish things so I can lay around on my lazy butt. I am trying to become more aware so I can slow down, think of others instead of focusing all my attention on my own selfish wants, and appreciate all of the luxuries in life that I take for granted each and every day.

I need to be reminded of this daily! It would almost surely be a pleasure to be able to spend time with him. He has many intelligent and worthwhile things to say and says them frequently and often and repeatedly, typically with little or no variation in terminology. At least he embraces the only medium by which instruction, teaching, and dissemination of wisdom is possible, though, namely the sincere use of human language, which is something i believe cannot be said for many Buddhist teachers, especially the Buddha himself and much of the Zen i've ever read.

If you know of a straight-shooting book on Zen, please P. Jan 14, Shannon rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book and read it slowly. Beautiful writing, simple illustration of ideas. I liked the essay about the piece of paper and his examples of interbeing, his emphasis on the present moment. I've read about many of the same ideas before, but he explains them better than others. He acknowledges the magnitude of suffering in the world, but he sees the bliss as well.

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I was also moved by his work with the American Vietnam War veterans. This is a book I will definitely pick up a Wow This is a book I will definitely pick up again. Mar 02, Chen Chen rated it it was amazing.